The NSW Brain Banks would be interested to talk to anyone who has a genuine interest in establishing a brain donor program. In considering the establishment of a new brain donor program, the NSW Brain Banks will consider the expertise of the chief investigators to run the program and collect the necessary longitudinal clinical data, the program's merits, ethical approval, funding and sustainability as well as the feasibility of collecting and characterising the tissue for research purposes. To do this, a brain donor program establishment committee has been formed. The committee consists of the Chair of the NSW Brain Banks Brain Donor Program Committee, the director of the Sydney Brain Bank and the director of the NSW Brain Tissue Resource Centre.

Prof Glenda Halliday

Chair of the BDPC

Dr Claire Shepherd

SBB Director

Prof Jillian Kril

NSW BTRC Director

If you are interested in establishing a brain donor program, please download and complete the brain donor program application form and send it to the Brain Donor Program Establishment Committee

If the committee is satisfied that the chief investigators have the necessary expertise, the program demonstrates a clear research focus with specific goals and falls within the capacities and resources of the NSW Brain Banks, it will be submitted to the NSW Brain Banks Board for approval. If approved, the applicants can proceed with their ethics submission and develop working arrangements for the brain donor program in consultation with the agreed recipient brain bank. The applicants must register with the Brain Donor Program Committee for monitoring and assistance.

A decision by the NSW Brain Banks Board to reject a new brain donor program application may be appealed to the Chairperson in writing. The appeal will be referred to the independent chair of the Board’s Scientific Review Committee to mediate.