The NSW Brain Banks comprises of two brain banks established to promote research into diseases that affect the brain and spinal cord. The Sydney Brain Bank (SBB) at Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) specialises in ageing and neurodegenerative conditions, and the NSW Brain Tissue Resource Centre (NSW BTRC) at The University of Sydney focuses on alcohol abuse disorders and schizophrenia.

The NSW Brain Banks purpose is to provide a research resource facility for the collection, characterisation, storage and distribution of human brain and spinal cord tissue for research.

If you are already familiar with the NSW Brain Banks tissue request application process, please log in to your account directly or submit an enquiry using the link buttons below. Please make sure you have read the latest Guidelines for Researchers as these are regularly updated.

For all new researchers and anyone who is unfamiliar with the NSW Brain Banks, please take the time to read about the NSW Brain Banks structure and familiarise yourself with the process of how to submit a tissue request. If you would like further information about the types and numbers of cases collected by the NSW Brain Banks, please visit our tissue holdings page.

If you require further information or advice, please feel free to contact the NSW Brain Banks directly.