The Scientific Review Committee (SRC) of the NSW Brain Banks ensures that there is independent scientific review of all applications from researchers for the tissue specimens held by the two brain banks. The independent SRC chair makes a recommendation to the NSW Brain Banks Directors concerning whether the tissue request should be filled.

The SRC is comprised of:

  • An independent chairperson appointed by the Board; and
  • Institutional representatives (USyd, UNSW, NeuRA)

Prof Roger Dampney


Dr Tertia Purves-Tyson

NeuRA representative

Dr Michael Janitz

UNSW representative

Dr Nicolas Dzamko

USyd representative

Dr Vibeke Catts

UNSW representative

Dr Joanne Lewohl

Griffith University representative

Dr Lachlan Thompson

Florey Institute representative

Dr Shelley Forrest

USYD representative

Dr Janet van Eersel

UNSW representative

Julia Stevens

SRC secretary

Members of the AP are the brain bank directors and managers who give practical advice on tissue availability and use. International experts in tissue based research on alcohol and other drugs of abuse make up the NIAAA scientific review committee and assess US-based applications for this type of tissue held by the NSW BTRC.

For further information about requesting tissue from the NSW Brain Banks, please go to our pages for researchers.